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CN169 Switchable Distribution Board

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SWITCHABLE DISTRIBUTION BOARD. The Input is via a 2.5mm DC socket or screw terminal block and can be any DC voltage up to 48v or a DCC voltage. There is a Main ON/OFF switch behind the Input terminal Block which isolates both the Positive and Negative Input feeds. The Input then passes through a 5 Amp fuse to feed the outputs and light the 'ON' LED. The ON Led is Tricolour so will indicate that the input is +- DC (Green), if connected the wrong way around -+ (Red) or DCC (Orange). This LED is after the fuse so will go out if the fuse blows.

The board has 6 individually switched outputs, each output can accept a load of up to 3 Amps and has an ON LED indicator.

Each Output has an ON/OFF switch which isolates both the Positive & Negative lines or in the case of DCC both lines. The LED is Green for ON or not illuminated for OFF.

The output at the far right of the board is a switched output directly from the main switch.

The Board has 4 fixing holes of 4mm so will accept screws or plastic PCB pillars.

This Distribution Board can be used for controlling individual lighting circuits on your layout, or controlling power to sections of the layout.

Our regulated power supplies will plug directly into this board. 

Board Dimensions:

Length:120mm x Width: 32mm x Height: 26mm

Price: £18.50

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