Programmable Sequencer Controller for LED Effects

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Easy to wire and operate

Five outputs with independent timings

Pre-programmed so you can be up and running immediately

Can connect to a wide variety of supply voltages for easy powering

Each output can supply up to 100mA to power led effects

Separate permanently on output for permanently running effects

Timings and other settings can be adjusted if required



The Sequence Controller is designed to operate a number of model railway scenic features at timed intervals to provide a more random and so realistic operation.


There are five separate outputs which are switched individually.  Please see below for default timings.


One or more accessories can be connected to each channel and they will then switch on together.


Channel 1 is permanently on, so the module can be used to reduce the power supply voltage to feed effects which would normally be battery powered.


The output voltage is 3.5V and can power effects which would normally be supplied by two or three AA cells, or by two or three coin cells.


The timings for each channel are slightly randomised, so that channels will not change at exactly the same time.


Power Supply

The module operates from AC, DC or DCC (track bus) supplies.


You can use a DC power supply between 12V and 25V DC, or any AC power supply between 12V and 16V AC.


If using DCC, the feed can be between 12V and 25V, which covers all normal DCC layouts.


Where a choice is available, a 12V DC supply is recommended..  £16.99

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