Arc Welder Simulator
Arc Welder Simulator
Arc Welder Simulator

Arc Welder Simulator

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Arc Welding Simulator - £12.00

This welding simulator is very realistic. It uses white and blue LED’s to give a bright pulsating light similar to that of an electric arc welder. The circuit can be hidden inside a building on a model railway layout or diorama to provide activity and realism. The realistic effect is achieved by random length of flashes and a random length between Flashes. Small size Approx 27mm x 22mm x 10mm (L x W x H) .

Operates from 6 to 20v Smooth DC or  9v Battery. (Please note that flashing & flickering LEDs, and electronic modules will not work properly from a train controller, phone charger or similar They require a regulated/smooth supply).

Reverse Polarity Protection. Low power consumption. Blue and White LED’s for realistic effect. Designed and assembled in England

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