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36 Elwyndene Road, March, PE15 9BL

Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620


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 Micro Switch (short lever)  5A 125V-3A 250V  £1.00 each

 Push to Make Momentary Switch - Black

 50p each

 Push to Make momentary Switch - Red

 50p each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPST on/off

 60p each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPST on/on £1.00 each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPDT (On) Off (On)

spring back momentary ideal for point motors. Pack of 5 - £4.00


36 Elwyndene Road,March, Cambs PE15 9BL. Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620, Email:

 12 way Rotary Switch with Pointer Knob


 Pack of 5 latching push button on/off switches, total length 2.8cm - £2.50

 Pack of 5  Miniature Slide Switches £2.50

2 Position SPDT 1P2T 3 Pin Vertical Slide Switch, Terminal Length 3mm/ 0.12", Pin Pitch 2.54mm / 0.1", Main Body Size(not including Pins & Knob) 8 x 4 x 3.8mm/ 0.31" x 0.16" x 0.15"(L*W*H), Switch Total Size 8 x 4 x 10mm/ 0.31" x 0.16" x 0.39"(L*W*H), Knob Size 1.5 x 1.5 x 3mm/ 0.06" x 0.06" x 0.12"(L*W*H)

Latching Reed Switch If you bring one pole of a permanent magnet near the reed switch the contacts within the glass tube come together and current flows.  If you carefully remove the magnet the contacts will stay together and your LEDs or whatever is connected to the switch will stay on.  To turn the switch off turn the magnet over and bring the other pole near the switch.  The contacts will relax and separate breaking the circuit..  £3.00

 Micro Switch (long lever)  5A 125V-3A 250V  £1.00 each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPST on/off

 Pack of 5 - £2.50

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPDT (On) Off (On)

£1.00 each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - DPDT (On) Off (On)

spring back momentary £1.00 each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - DPDT On/On

£1.00 each

 Miniature Toggle Switches - DPDT On/Off/On

£1.00 each

Magnet 8mm dia x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet 1kg pull.  50p

Encapsulated Normally Open Reed Switch. Designed to detect trains which have been fitted with magnets to their undersides, these are ideal for block occupancy detection and other triggering requirements.  £2.50

 Miniature Toggle Switches - SPDT On/Off/On

£1.00 each

 Female Crimp Connectors 2.8mm 22-16 AWG - Pack of 10 - £1.00

 Pack of 5 latching push button on/off switches, total length  5.5cm - £2.50

 Pack of 5  Miniature Slide Switches £2.50

Rating 0.5A 50V DC

Terminal Pitch 4mm

19mm Long, 5.6mm Wide, 5mm High

Pack of 5 - £2.50

 Pack of 5  Slide Switches £2.50

Contacts rated at 0.3A, 125V AC

Fixing centres 28mm

Size 35 x 17.8 x 12.5mm