Manually switched Pair of Level Crossing lights with alternating flasher module and switch. Wiring diagram included. £24.99

Please note you will need a 12v DC regulated (smoothed) supply to operate the module.  Outputs on the back of train controllers are not smoothed and the module is unlikely to work if using these.

BLOCKSignalling Level Crossing Controller LCS2 for Common Anode

Operates Level Crossing Lights Triggered by Infra-Red Sensor. Automatically operates up to four sets of level crossing warning signs with yellow and red leds

Detects the presence of trains using an infra-red sensor located beneath the track

When a train is detected, the yellow led is lit, then the two red leds light alternately.

Automatically switches off after a set number of cycles.

Fully configurable to alter the duration and flash rate of the leds.

Support for continental lights sequences.

This Level Crossing Simulator detects the presence of trains by bouncing invisible Infra-Red (IR) light off the underside of the rolling stock, and detecting the light reflected back. When a train is detected, it runs a built-in program to simulate the operation of UK or continental level crossings.


Pair of OO Scale Level Crossing Lights

These will not flash automatically unless you use one of the BLOCKSignalling Level Crossing Modules below.  £15.00

Remote LED Dimmer and Controller

This controller lets you turn on or off your LEDs remotely.

You can also dim your LEDs, or bring the brightness back up with the 4 dimmer settings. When you set your desired level and turn off the remote, it will remember the last setting when turned back on.

 12 volt adapter

3 volt adapter

9 volt battery

AA battery

AAA battery        

The remote circuit does not affect the power requirements of the LEDs so if you use 3 volts in you will get 3 volts out, 12  volts in you will get 12 volts out. The remote can control up to 30 LEDS


DC Power Distribution Board.

14 No Positive and Negative Terminals (Especially for those who don’t like to solder). The input power can be connected either by wires, a 2.1mm DC plug or a 2.5mm DC plug, the input terminal will handle up to 15 Amps, the board can be used for DC voltages up to 24vDC & DCC. (The board can be used with higher voltages, however the resister should be removed to disable the LED)

The LED will show Green if the Polarity is correct,Red if the Polarity is reversed by mistake

Length: 106mm

Width; 40mm

Height: 12mm

Price - £8.50

Pair of Bulkhead / Canopy lights made with 3 volt warm white LEDs, (resistors included for 12v DC supply.  £5.00

Adjustable height metal N Gauge Double Lampposts. Approx 3.8cm high - 3v LEDs. Resistors are included for 12v connection.  Item Code NO2 - Pack of Six for £8.00

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