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Alternating Flasher Module for level crossing signals. 12v input. £10.00. Assembled in England.

Flickering Fire Simulator - 12 volt DC. £3.00. Ideal for Fireboxes, bonfires, campfires, burning houses etc. Unit measures 2.5cm x 0.5cm

This is a one shot, also known as a 'monostable timer'.When the timer is triggered by SW2 it will remain ON for a predetermined period set by the preset VR1. The preset varies the time ON from approx 1 sec to 120 seconds.

The timer is started by a normally open contact connected across SW2 this could be a push button switch, leaf switch, reed switch, etc.This activates the relay and starts the timer. The relay will change state and remain in the new state for the timer period. There is also a normally open Reset switch SW1 to reset the timer to OFF. The reset can be used at any time during the ON period

Voltage 12v DC. £7.95

Lighthouse Simulator £15.00

Small size Approx 27mm x 22mm x 10mm (L x W x H) .Operates from 6 to 20v Smooth DC or  9v Battery.Reverse Polarity Protection. Low power consumption.  Designed and assembled in England

Arc Welding Simulator - £15.00

This welding simulator is very realistic. It uses white and blue LED’s to give a bright pulsating light similar to that of an electric arc welder. The circuit can be hidden inside a building on a model railway layout or diorama to provide activity and realism. The realistic effect is achieved by random length of flashes and a random length between Flashes. Small size Approx 27mm x 22mm x 10mm (L x W x H) .Operates from 6 to 20v Smooth DC or  9v Battery.Reverse Polarity Protection. Low power consumption. Blue and White LED’s for realistic effect. Designed and assembled in England

Fully adjustable DC to DC Voltage Step Down Module.

 Input voltage:3V-40V

Output voltage:1.3V-35V

Output current:Rated current is 2A

 Factory preset at 3 volts which saves having to solder resistors to 3 volt LEDs.


Fully adjustable DC to DC Voltage Step Down Module with LED Display.

 Input voltage:3V-40V

Output voltage:1.3V-35V

Output current:Rated current is 2A


Electronic Modules require a 12 volt DC Regulated (smoothed) supply.

 Emergency Lights Module.  For use in emergency vehicle beacons. 9 to 16 volts DC power supply or a 9 volt battery. Suitable for any size LEDs, we suggest blue or amber 0603 SMD LEDs. The speed can be adjusted.  £12.00

 Roadworks Module. Use some amber 0603 SMD LEDs for  traffic cones etc.  9 to 16 volts DC power supply or a 9 volt battery.  The speed can be adjusted.  £12.00

  •  Size: 23 x 12.2 x 29 mm
  • • Weight: 9g
  • • No-load speed :0.1seconds / 60 degrees (4.8 V)
  • • Locked-rotor torque: 1.6kg/cm (4.8 V)
  • • Temperature: 0-55 degrees Celsius
  • £3.50


Each output can control 2 incandescent bulbs or 4 or more LEDs. With a total of 12 outputs, Light Genie can control an average of 24 light bulbs or 48 or more LEDs. The Genie receiver is broken down into 5 zones. Each zone can independently turn on lights, as well as dim or brighten them. Each zone offers more than 20 different lighting effects including sequential flashing, strobe lighting, fast flicker to produce a fire effect, double strobe, random flash and many others.

You can hook up a three bulb traffic light to a zone and another zone can operate a perpendicular traffic light that will automatically cycle in the opposite direction so they can control a 4 way corner. Each Genie offers a 90-foot operating range, works flawlessly in tunnels and penetrates walls without loss of signal. What’s more, multiple Genies can be used without any worries of cross interference.


1 x Genie Receiver

1 x Genie Transmitter Remote

1 x 2-Pin Power Connector w/Leads

3 x 3-Pin Connectors w/Leads

2 x 4-Pin Connectors w/Leads

2 x Mounting Screws

1 x Velcro Strip

12 x Resistors for LEDs and

3.5v Bulbs

You will also need 2 x AA batteries

(not included)


Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

Working voltage of Meter itself:DC 4 - 30V

    Working current of Meter itself:≤20mA

    Voltage Measuring range: DC 0 - 100V

    Current Measuring range: DC 0 - 10A

    Voltage resolution (V): 0.1V

    Current resolution (A): 0.01A

    Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit)

    Display: 0.28" digital tube, Two color blue and red

    Refresh rate: about 300mS / times


    Operation Temp: -10°-+65°


Voltmeter DC 0 - 100V

Working current: < 20 ma

Display: 0.28 "LED

Dimensions: 30 * 11.7 * 11.7 mm


Voltmeter DC 4.7 ~ 32V

Two-wire Measurement range: DC 4.5~30V

Working Current:< 23mA

Minimum input voltage: DC 4.5V (Lower than 4.7V, the brightness will be weakened, but this will not affect the accuracy of measurement)

Maxmum input voltage: DC 30V

Size: 21.5 x 13 x 8mm (L*W*H)